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Farewell Family Futures

After several months’ almost total abstinence, it is a crying shame (emphasis on the crying) to revisit me old bloglet for this reason, but as it says on the tin, this week was our final session at Family Futures, and I feel the occasion should be marked. We first went there in the spring of … Continue reading

Down to basics

A relatively successful few days! We are still getting a lot of verbal abuse, a smattering of bitten arm and boom boom jump the room but bedtimes have gen-er-ally improved and we feel like we are starting to be taken seriously by CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and the various local authority Social … Continue reading

Feeling good

A truly inspirational day at Family Futures today, the first for some months where we have all been there together at the same time. I think it worked well because we have had a couple of good days at home leading up to it and because we were all very clear and honest right from … Continue reading


Our friend Elvis, coincidentally the first blogger I ever knew, performed a great & ghostly M.R.James story under a scary tree on the common tonight. I didn’t hear or see much of it because I was 1) making and pouring mulled wine for the audience, 2) dealing with Blue and his friend Bob, both hugely … Continue reading