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God and other options

Within two days of our return from the hot lap of love and Western civilisation, a cold-blooded atrocity of huge cultural and religious significance had taken place a stone’s throw from our homestead. I am not religious but ever since I realized that the words ‘good’ and ‘God’ were basically the same thing, I have … Continue reading

And breathe…

After all Blue’s birthday excitement, two home parties and a hundred vain attempts to agree a limit on Xbox usage, we are just pushing all that cr@p behind us for 4 days in the lap of luxury, courtesy of our friends Mara and Karcus. Karcus, who earns a bob or two, is 40 and yowzah, … Continue reading

More like it!

Two nights out on the trot! Woohoooo! The first, a lovely, cosy old film with a glass of wine (or 4) on an enormous sofa with friends – Brokeback Mountain, as it happens, which we had all seen before but enjoyed again. To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on seeing it again because, although … Continue reading

Moving on

Well, things have certainly changed and there’s much more of everything! But the good news is that little boy Blue seems to be trusting us more and is being very loving and open, in between truly manic episodes. At least he, and we, can now be honest about where these manic episodes come from.  If … Continue reading

Sunny side up

 When I was 50, my friend Sunbeam gave me a wonderful present. A box of 60 Well-Being cards with positive messages and pretty illustrations, written by an elderly American couple called Esther & Jerry Hicks who also go under the dodgy-sounding guise of ‘The Teachings of Abraham‘. At first I thought they were hippy dippy … Continue reading


Our friend Elvis, coincidentally the first blogger I ever knew, performed a great & ghostly M.R.James story under a scary tree on the common tonight. I didn’t hear or see much of it because I was 1) making and pouring mulled wine for the audience, 2) dealing with Blue and his friend Bob, both hugely … Continue reading

Ring of fire

In bed with either a bug or the remains of one of last night’s jumbo prawns. Bottom blasting on all cyinders this morning. Managed to get to work, via a crucial loo stop at the children’s school and a distinctly awkward bus journey. But there was more to come, so I stumbled home, with miserable … Continue reading