I am a very sweaty, unfit and forgetful 52 or 53 year old woman living and working in South East London. Once, I had both a half decent body and mind, both have now seen better days. The spirit persists, driftily determined, although even that has taken something of a battering over the last few years.

Adoptive parenthood, though not without massive joy and advantage, has been a big shock. My husband, The Wave and my would-be teenage children Blueboy (9) and Doodiegirl (8) suffer my cheerful uselessness with remarkable fortitude, as do my friends and colleagues. I blunder through my work at a local primary school, hoping to make something of a difference.

I am hoping too that this blog will develop what little is left of my ag(e)ing brain, kickstart my life into rearguard action, restore my faith in myself and offer my friends and family, should they stumble upon it, yet another chance to come to terms with my incompetence, understand and forgive me. xxx

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Your one in a million and I have always admired everything that you have done. You and The Wave are doing a fantastic job, don’t ever forget that! With lots of love always.

    Bucylonner. Xx

  2. hey super-redblogstick!

    am an avid reader of your blog; makes me laugh and cry in almost eqaul measure. helps me feel closer and connected to you all. frequently i wish we could jump on our magic carpets and appear genie like to grant one another as many wishes as we liked, or failing that a damn good hug. you are all incredible people.

    totally agree with Bucylonner, you and the wave are fab andi too am choc-full of admiration for you both.

    keep writing, call whenever…


  3. Darling woman, you are loved more than you will ever know. Just think where those beautiful children would be without the love of you and The Wave. You are fighting a good fight. XXXX

    • I do, just! Haven’t quite got the hang of it yet but I ‘followed’ you yesterday via Sally Donovan (feel like a stalker), which is what brought me to your blog. So hellooooo! Look forward to more chats!

  4. From one menopausal adoptive mum to another! Happy to have found your blog, love it. Have a half-written blog post on menopausal mums – it’ll appear one day. Take care x

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