The last post

goodbye_sad_bearThis little blog, though anonymous, has been associated with me at school and caused great upset. That’ll learn me for putting it on Facebook once, a long time ago.

I would like to unreservedly apologise for any offence I have caused Blue’s teacher, who is very kind, dedicated and extremely able. She has shown exceptional understanding and commitment to both our children throughout their time at school and I have never meant to upset her in any way.

I am also sorry for upsetting the headteacher. In spite of our recent (anonymously recounted) differences, he is a good man and an utterly committed professional who has the best interests of all the children in his care at heart. As I have often said before, he has given us a great deal of support over the past seven years for which we have been extremely grateful.

To any other staff or parents who have chosen to take offence, I also apologise. Ours is a good school and I do not mean to do it any injustice in my clumsy, emotional attempt to seek justice for my child.  I  change names, rant and ramble on to express my opinions and help myself deal with what has often been a barely tolerable situation at home. Most of my readers are fellow adopters, real friends, family or people who do not know me from Adam. I have naively assumed that those who want to read it are supportive. I meant no harm to anyone.

At some point in the future, I may set up an even more anonymous blog. Friends and followers who truly have our family’s interests at heart are welcome to contact me to discover its whereabouts, once it arrives. I will stay in touch with fellow adopters and adoption-related followers via WASO.

And now, I am going to ground till all this blows over.

6 thoughts on “The last post

  1. You have our unconditional support in all you do, our heart and love go out to you all. xx

  2. That’s a real shame. I would like to keep reading your honest, emotional and brave posts. Let me know where you find a home. The best of luck in your latest fight my friend. xx

  3. Gutted for u and all we readers that this has happened.
    Over the years u have always been so positive about, and involved with, the children’s school. It was probably due to that previous track record that u were so shocked and shattered by their trip decision.
    Here’s hoping that those who have been offended have read your closing blog, so they have a balanced perspective on this whole horrid mess…
    We collectively just want the best for the children…
    Chin up chick. X

  4. Really sorry to hear this. I must admit I got discovered by the school as well and in one particular post where I did criticise the school,the head thanked me after for the eloquent manor I did it in. I now do have to be careful what I say about school but I chose to keep writing it. I hope you do write again, I’ve only just discovered you and really enjoy your writing. Please stay in touch. xx

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