Posted in February 2014

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Originally posted on BECKY SAYS THINGS:
Oh, brave Listener. We’ve all had a bit of a rough time recently. There are several reasons why we are all feeling a bit peeved, irked, and somewhat vexed: 1) It is February. February is an obnoxiously depressing month, it knows it, and it doesn’t care. February is insufferable.…

Farewell Family Futures

After several months’ almost total abstinence, it is a crying shame (emphasis on the crying) to revisit me old bloglet for this reason, but as it says on the tin, this week was our final session at Family Futures, and I feel the occasion should be marked. We first went there in the spring of … Continue reading

Keep calm and…

It’s the 14th February! The Day of St Valentine! And the first dance at our wedding! (on Billy Bragg’s William Bloke album for those who wish to delve deeper). All rather ironic, given that the Wave is a true cynic when it comes to this celebration of cheesetoting slush to the tune of ringing cash … Continue reading