And breathe…

ridgefarmAfter all Blue’s birthday excitement, two home parties and a hundred vain attempts to agree a limit on Xbox usage, we are just pushing all that cr@p behind us for 4 days in the lap of luxury, courtesy of our friends Mara and Karcus. Karcus, who earns a bob or two, is 40 and yowzah, have they found a special place to celebrate.

The children are here too (with 6 others) but luckily there is an Xbox and a tennis court and a basketball net and a piano and an indoor pool, Jacuzzi and sauna to keep them amused. Whoop whoop! There are already a few inter-sprog battles brewing because we arrived late and Bob (who Blue has always called his best friend) is choosing not to be at the moment. I am sure Blue has been pushing for a place in the gang in the only way he knows how but there has been some nasty adoption-related name calling by another boy, and I found Blue in the shared bedroom alone in tears last night. I spent most of the early hours worrying for him. I wish he would just come in and sleep in our room, but alas, he is too scared and proud.

And while he’s in the pool, he will be fine. The Wave is playing golf with the menfolk and the Dood is sploshing about in the jacuzzi. There are adults a plenty to keep watch. So before I go off on a spate of problem churning, I will remind myself to deeply breathe in the sweet, almost spring air coming in through the open leaded window, take in the calm of the English country garden and the budding woods beyond and feel the cool cotton sheets around my skin. Life can be joyous. Life will be joyous. Life is joy.

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