Hope springs

RedwoodToday has been heavenly. In fact, since Saturday night (which was full of the terrors of Blue having seen me typing this blog and worrying over what I might be saying about him), things have been, as Mary Poppins would have it, practically perfect in every way.

We got up early to meet the man who never came to tell us about our soggy brickwork, then headed out into the country to walk in the frosty mist, which soon cleared to reveal a large open field dotted with assorted, beautiful, statuesque trees, from redwood to oak, ash and cedar to beech and yew,  Must have been part of an old estate I think, now a small country park. And we walked and explored and played our version of 40-40 (hide and seek with a home post) and yes, relaxed together!

Then we went for lunch. The 10 minute car journey was a bit fraught because Blue has a fear of pubs, and it all got a bit scary between him and the Dood on the back seat. When we got there, things did not look hopeful – lots of fractious hoohah in the car park and I wondered if we might have to head home. But the pub was light and airy, our family surname was etched in chalk on the table, the staff were so friendly and the food so delicious – I have never seen Blue eat so much outside our house, never ever. So good that halfway through our meal, the Dood announced, ‘This is what I call normal.’

We came home and met with the brickman and 2 social workers (all at the same time, a bit tricky). Blue and the Dood continued to eat on and off until the Wave took Blue to see a local football match this evening, unheard of for Blue who normally has the intermittent appetite of a crocodile and barely finishes anything. It was as if he was suddenly relaxed enough to bite, chew, swallowallowbingbang. The Dood (who is full of green cold and lacking sleep to boot) spent the evening with me, watching Brave (a proper mother and daughter film if I ever saw one), snuggled up by the fire. Then the pair of them went quite separately to bed without any hint of a no. Hallelluuuuuuuujah!

I suppose I should also say that it’s half term. And for once we are not doing too much. I think all that helps. It’s like just being together with no distractions, plus a load of good food and fresh air, has turned us into a normal family.  Well, you never know.


3 thoughts on “Hope springs

  1. great stuff, all round. 🙂 I particularly like the idea of a “normal” family. ¡viva normalidad! xxxxx

  2. …I was wondering what Blue would describe as “normal”. Doodie’s got it spot on as far as I can see but we all have different “normal” don’t we? Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

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