The Beautiful Game

Kirk_Douglas_Spartacus_001aToday I watched the boy Blue play football. His team, the Reds, were not at full strength, but Blue was quite magnificent. He scored two goals, played the game in a generous and positive spirit, without diving, cheating or showing off, and only lost a bit of impetus in the second half once he realized that the opposition were targeting him. In case that sounds a bit paranoid, I overheard the opposition half time team talk, as the coach invoked his boys to concentrate on number 5: “If you stop number 5, you’ll stop the rest,” he urged. And they listened too. I spent most of the second half screaming like a fishwife as I watched my boy being held, poked, tripped and insulted while the other team went from 0-2 to 4-2 in the space of 20 minutes.

I am not a regular touchline supporter. This delight usually falls to the Wave, who has become good friends with the parents of Blue’s team mates. So I hope I didn’t embarrass myself or anyone else on our team when I got into an unfortunate spat with the referee (also a parent, but of a boy in the opposing team). I had been yelling some version of ‘Get your hands off him!’ to one boy on various occasions, when the ref-parent turned round, from the pitch and shouted at me,

‘He wasn’t touching him!’

‘Yes he was!’

‘Are you the referee?’

‘No, I am just supporting my SON!’

I am not an advocate of ref-bating at any level, but the sense of exhilaration I felt at standing up for my wonderful, inspiring, dignified, athletic, Neymar-esque boy at the top of my voice at the expense of this deluded buffoon and his cheating children was overwhelmingly positive. I was practically Spartacus.

Unfortunately, their coach was right and we, the Reds, went on to lose 4-2. But since then, coincidentally or not, we Redsticks feel like a stronger unit. Blue has spent the rest of the day telling the Wave and I how much he loves us. There is an air of calm. The Dood is not so happy after two late nights, a swim and a vat of hot chocolate, but that’s another story…!


6 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game

  1. We side-line Mum’s are OF COURSE, always right! You sound just like me! No wonder Billy says he prefers games when I’m not watching! But hey, if it’s given your number 1 son another reason to believe, I say KEEP DOING IT! x

  2. I could feel your bursting pride in this post and I know just how you feel. To see our children step up to these challenges means so much and it sounds like Blue is doing exceptionally well. Thank you for sharing on From the Archives.

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