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YT7-1653512 - © - Andrew MichaelTwo nights out on the trot! Woohoooo! The first, a lovely, cosy old film with a glass of wine (or 4) on an enormous sofa with friends – Brokeback Mountain, as it happens, which we had all seen before but enjoyed again. To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on seeing it again because, although I liked it, I didn’t reeeeally LOVE it. The scenery and cinematography is amazing, the acting is great (if a bit mumbly but my request for subtitles fell on deaf ears, mainly mine), the story is good, the issues are important but…. Oh I don’t know, somehow it’s just beautifully bleak rather than engagingly tragic. Or is it because I is female and mostly straight? Anyway, I had a great time because the wine was good, the banter was lively and because we’d all seen it before and were allowed to comment intermittently throughout! Thank you, ladies!

Then, last night the Wave and I tramped across the icy plains to the local rugby club where Mole was celebrating his birthday. It was good to get out and sort of chat but – wait for it, old woman about to put in her twopennyworth – the music was very, very loud and to be honest, although most of the songs were gooood, they were not really what I call party music. There is a definite art to party-making and if there aren’t enough people to dance without embarrassment, the music should start enticingly soft and only end loud if and when the joint has started to properly jump. I spent a lot of the evening going ‘eh? beg pardon?’ like my long-since passed but never forgotten, very dear and very deaf Uncle Ewart. Still I wasn’t quite as rude as our friend Victor who sat smiling with his fingers in his ears. As we were leaving, the place did start to get going when Jump Around (a rare old dancing tune) came on but by then, alas, we had to relieve the babysitter. Ah well, I got a half a song bopalong out of it and I am sure Mole enjoyed his do.

I particularly relished the walk home because, for once, I was suitably wrapped up to face the arctic conditions while the Wave was shivering in his posh shoes and thin jacket. I can’t tell you how often he tells me I am not wearing the right clothes for the weather! And now we are sitting in bed of a Sunday morning, children either watching football or playing out in the snow, about to prepare for brunch with more lovely friends. Life is really not so bad at all…

PS Thank you Andrew Michael, Photographer, for your sweet photo. It has letters all over it which I presume means you don’t mind me using it?


3 thoughts on “More like it!

  1. Who hoo – – some fun at last! I love this blog but find it a bit difficult to chip in frequently as it’s hard to say things that don’t sound crass when someone’s up against it. I seem to remember a box of unsent letters. Scattered around my various “devices” are a small box load of unposted comments to this blog. I know it’s a warts and all picture of parenting but some of the warts are hard to digest – it seems so overpowering.
    As for Brokeback Mountain I haven’t considered viewing it. A film about gay cowboys that isn’t directed by Mel Brooks doesn’t seem worth the expense of time and effort. Is the Indian from Village People in it?

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