Bring it on!

RMS_Palm-tree-tropical-christmas-lit-home_s4x3_lgHappy Noo Year, Reader!  Apologies for the long gap between posts. A combination of pre-festive illness (me, hacking like a good’un since November, then both children with fevers in succession) and a largely technology-free holiday in the US of A were to blame.  The children are now fine; I am hurting of head (too many Cosmos) and fuller of green slime than ever, like some sort of never-ending snot factory, but very happy to be home and starting 2013 with the family and our lovely Plum chums.

Against all expectations, our trip to Florida was really pretty wonderful. The Blue One’s manic outbursts were mainly relegated to just before the big rides and some very nasty bickering in the back of the car with his sister, especially when he was tired. He thanked us, often, for such a great holiday and we had lots of fun together in various theme parks, water parks, fancy restaurants, diners, steakhouses and lobster shacks. I fully intend to review some of these on Trip Advisor (nerdy I know, but I use it all the time and feel I owe them), but in a nutshell, it was the holiday of a lifetime. I’d recommend Lucaya Village Resort to anyone wanting to self cater in Orlando. And it was about half the price of everywhere else! I would NOT recommend Fox Car Rental, booooo to them and their on costs. All the Disney parks were fantastic, if ridiculously schmaltzy (but you knew that) and slightly over-organised. Universal WoA was a comparative mess but Seussland was gorgeous and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter bit was great. Swimming with the fish, rays and dolphins at Discovery Cove was awesome, and we all loved SeaWorld and Aquatica, almost in spite of ourselves. I even shot some tubes. (I think).

We managed a bit of Christmas too. Somehow Santa knew where to find our little ones, he even brought along their stockings, how thoughtful. We all gave each other a decoration and hung them on the plastic pot plant in our rented house along with a few tooth-anihilating candy canes. Apart from those, Blue got his Yes We Have No Bananas FC away kit and the Dood got her long-awaited Princess makeover at the Bibidi Bobidi Boutique and that, as far as presents from us went, was it. We spent Christmas morning at Blizzard Beach, a snow-themed Disney water park, had a great buffet lunch at Gaylord Palms (chosen mainly for its fabulous name) and finished the day watching Cirque du Soleil’s incredible La Nouba and strolling around buzzy ol’ Downtown Disney.

Back in Blighty on the last day of 2012, it was grey and miserable but we had slept on the plane and all managed to shake our booties Gangnam-style at M&K’s New Year’s Eve shindig and shuffle ourselves home way after midnight. Slept ‘til mid-New Year-s Day and yes, I may be jetlagged and full of snot, but I’m ready to rock with the big girls.  2013 – look out, the Redsticks are coming!

2 thoughts on “Bring it on!

  1. Dear redblogstick….it was a privilege to be able to read your family experience and I found myself unable to leave till I had read them all…very compelling reading and wonderful the way you express it all….so thank you…it is amazing what you are giving those children and I so admire your courage and perseverance….and that you so keep your sense of humour..amazing Lady you are…..glad you all had such a great time away sounds fantastic…wishing you a really happy new year and hope that your year may be full of many happy and peaceful moments…love Jane xxx

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