Posted in January 2013

The Dood’s Mood

The usually delightful Dood, now 9, has been testing us of late. Perhaps some of it is because Blue has been less of a handful, and his lack is her gain. Like A. A. Milne’s Good Bear and Bad Bear (Twice Times), they lurch alternately into each other’s void. It certainly doesn’t help that Doodie … Continue reading

The Beautiful Game

Today I watched the boy Blue play football. His team, the Reds, were not at full strength, but Blue was quite magnificent. He scored two goals, played the game in a generous and positive spirit, without diving, cheating or showing off, and only lost a bit of impetus in the second half once he realized … Continue reading

More like it!

Two nights out on the trot! Woohoooo! The first, a lovely, cosy old film with a glass of wine (or 4) on an enormous sofa with friends – Brokeback Mountain, as it happens, which we had all seen before but enjoyed again. To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on seeing it again because, although … Continue reading

Accept and proceed

My New Year’s Resolution is to be more accepting. Now, in many ways I am already ridiculously accepting (a sap, truth be told) but I am in the process of  learning something new and wonderful about the relationship between acceptance and trust, so bear with me, please… For the past two or three years, it … Continue reading

Bring it on!

Happy Noo Year, Reader!  Apologies for the long gap between posts. A combination of pre-festive illness (me, hacking like a good’un since November, then both children with fevers in succession) and a largely technology-free holiday in the US of A were to blame.  The children are now fine; I am hurting of head (too many … Continue reading