Moving on

timthumb.phpWell, things have certainly changed and there’s much more of everything! But the good news is that little boy Blue seems to be trusting us more and is being very loving and open, in between truly manic episodes.

At least he, and we, can now be honest about where these manic episodes come from.  If you had been regularly abused and neglected in your family home up until the age of two and a half, then bundled into care (three more families) and then adopted (yet another family), you would likely have the odd crazy moment too. It is certainly helpful to be able to give a label to his feelings while he’s having them, so that he can start associating them with events in the past instead of muddling them into inappropriate moments of the present. And he does now seem to calm more quickly once we remind him of that. The Wave is masterful at this technique, I am a mere apprentice, but I’m getting better, depending on how close it is to time for work/meals/school!

The Dood, on the other hand, has buried this new revelation along with all the other rubbish she’s been subjected to and decided against it, in every sense. When we told her what Blue had experienced she vehemently shouted ‘Liar, liar!’ and later told me that Blue was just making it up to make her feel even more invisible. Our worry is that, as she processes this, it will hit her little life like a brick. She spent last night at Saviour’s and got spoilt rotten, which is just what she needs at the moment. I, on the other hand, got right royally drunk at our work Christmas do and am feeling much better than I ought. I fear the wobbles may progress with the day. Onward & upward!


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