Sunny side up

 When I was 50, my friend Sunbeam gave me a wonderful present. A box of 60 Well-Being cards with positive messages and pretty illustrations, written by an elderly American couple called Esther & Jerry Hicks who also go under the dodgy-sounding guise of ‘The Teachings of Abraham‘.

At first I thought they were hippy dippy Californian rubbish and stuck them in the bathroom for a laugh. But because they are there, I look at them, sometimes reading them out to the children in the bath, and slowly but surely I have found they are sinking in.

The basis of these cards is that ‘All is well’ and even when all is patently not well, I seem to feel better for believing that it is. In addition, but somehow linked, one of Family Futures big things is for the Wave and I to make more ‘me time’. This has been tricky to arrange when Armageddon is in full swing chez nous, but my goodness, does it help.

Yesterday, in the spirit of positive me time, I did a sponsored cycle ride for our school charity Cure & Action for Tay Sachs. I got out, felt good for the exercise and for doing something positive for other people. It’s all very corny and obvious but oh so true.

In the meantime, the poor old Wave held the fort, doing non-stop entertaining in the way dads do, then crumpled spectacularly at the end of the day because Blue’s unused drumkit offends him (seriously) and because bedtime had once again been a battle. For a change, I was the calm, sensible one who patched up the cracks – or attempted to – and all because I’d been out. More me time for both of us is definitely on the cards – in our dreams, at the very least!


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