Our friend Elvis, coincidentally the first blogger I ever knew, performed a great & ghostly M.R.James story under a scary tree on the common tonight. I didn’t hear or see much of it because I was 1) making and pouring mulled wine for the audience, 2) dealing with Blue and his friend Bob, both hugely grumpy from lack of sleep and dismal trick or treating opportunities, 3) traipsing back home to open front door for husband who had briefly gone trick or treating with aforementioned boys but without keys and 4) wiping dogshit from said traipse off my shoes / doormat / hallway / kitchen. What I did hear and see of it, however, was magnificent. A proper Edwardian imaginarium for autumn. Like something out of A.S.Byatt’s The Children’s Book. Three cheers for Elvis for getting off his aging tax collector cum actor’s arse and doing something. Hip-hip…!

Have had a very productive meeting with Family Futures, just me and the Wave. They are good people with great insight, professionalism and invaluable experience of families like ours. Hoping that we can continue working together past next year but it all depends on funds. Fingers crossed.

Half term trundles on. The children generally seem calmer and I am enjoying being at home, even if I do have my first cold of the winter. I love the log fire, kicking up leaves and the extra duvet. But as much as I can get into the pumpkin carving, the apple bobbing, the spooky stories and Paranorman – what a film! –  I am firmly on the side of the angels and always have been. Halloween brings out the very worst in children! Happy All Saints, All x


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