Posted in October 2012


Our friend Elvis, coincidentally the first blogger I ever knew, performed a great & ghostly M.R.James story under a scary tree on the common tonight. I didn’t hear or see much of it because I was 1) making and pouring mulled wine for the audience, 2) dealing with Blue and his friend Bob, both hugely … Continue reading

Glass half empty

Too much alcohol this weekend, oh dear. That stuff has a lot to answer for. Also meant lots of waxing sad and lyrical about the Blueboy, whose behaviour has returned to its most disturbing over the past two weeks. Always this time of year, very odd… Some good advice from lovely people who I’m sure … Continue reading

Ring of fire

In bed with either a bug or the remains of one of last night’s jumbo prawns. Bottom blasting on all cyinders this morning. Managed to get to work, via a crucial loo stop at the children’s school and a distinctly awkward bus journey. But there was more to come, so I stumbled home, with miserable … Continue reading